A Travel Guide to Santorini, Greece

Pronounced by residents as sado-rini, the crescent-shaped island is in the Aegean Sea, 200 kilometers off Greece's mainland. It belongs to the remains of a terrific volcanic eruption that likewise led to a caldera or the sinking of the crater. The warm weather condition and friendly beaches tempt travelers from all over the world helicopter from Athens to Mykonos.

They are likewise understood for their hospitality and delighted personality. A lot of travelers are housed in Medieval Greek structures, identified by white-washed walls and arched windows and doors. The little courses are never ever flat or directly, as they waterfall up and down throughout the little island.


Vacation & Travel Guide for Santorini, Greece

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Santorini is a gorgeous island loaded with stunning white cleaned towns dotted all around the island. The very best way to benefit from exactly what Santorini has on the deal is by employing an automobile. A few of the towns have a couple of remarkable but little historical sites. In Akrotiri, ancient remains have been discovered and the historical site is a big settlement.

On the hillside of Emporio there is a row of stunning old windmills which are extremely photogenic, but then the entire island is, and it is the picturesque place for a serene or romantic vacation. Exactly what you will find the island filled with is churches, they are all over, with some great examples going back to the 11th century, with their domed tiled roofing and whitewash brick, generally with blue roofing systems and blue doors.

The Beauty and Splendor of the Greek Isles


Taking a trip to the Greek Islands resembles entering paradise. The lovely beaches, sundown and white towns are gorgeous and worth experiencing. This is the place where artists go to become inspired when you take a trip to the Greek Islands you will understand why.

You can decide to take a cruise that stops at different islands or you can hop from island to island by yourself schedule. To experience each island to the optimum, I advise island hopping. There are lots of boats that use transport to and from the numerous islands. Travelling is another enjoyable alternative to experience the Greek Islands and permits you to check out more islands in less time.


See one of the oldest cities in the world

As you soar into the stratosphere, you will see the enormity of Athens in all the glory and splendor from your vantage point overhead. Your helicopter from Athens to Mykonos will take you on a journey to ancient times where medieval design and architecture was everywhere. Your trip will take you over the most majestic sites in the city like the Acropolis. View the palms lining Riviera Street and see the stunning beaches Greece has to share with you. 

See the grandeur of historical monuments as you fly above the city and head to Mykonos where you will find several museums that the pilot can give you information about while you fly over. You can get ideas for your other vacation plans too. Your guide is a vast bank of knowledge with local expertise about the best places to visit during your stay. Taking a helicopter tour of the cities gives you the chance to see nearby islands like Hydra, Spetses, and Aegina. The natural fauna is spectacular with plenty of exotic wildlife to spot.